Monday, August 12, 2002

Glasgow 7 - Harlequins 26

The first pre-season friendly. The first humiliation.

Glasgow were truly terrible. Basic handling skills were non existant with the number of dropped balls being less acceptable than Cranky's spulling. Glasgow lacked penetration all through the back line, Alan Bulloch being particularaly to blame. Cranky have no problem with Glasgow playing crash ball tactics but Bulloch doesn't have the oomph to break tackles like McLaren has and Cranky Al thinks glasgow are going to sorely miss James this season.

The positive point to take out of the match was the pack. With the exception of our scrummage, which was taken to pieces, they were good in all areas. Area of special note was around the fringes of the rucks, on several occasions getting 15m+ from pick and drives.

Overall a very depressing game. Cranky just hopes we can do something against Exeter next week.